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All the aspects of preschool curriculum are presented to the children in the spirit of play. The foundation of this approach is based in years of observation and research from developmental psychologists and educators. Teaching young children through play is developmentally appropriate. It provides children with opportunities to learn and practice newly acquired skills. It challenges just beyond their level of present mastery and takes place in the context of a community where children are safe and valued, where there physical needs are met and where they feel psychologically secure.

When looking at what goes on during free play time, the adults in the room are encouraged to facilitate the play, to ask open-ended questions, to help the kids discover means and ends to their wonder. There is never a “right” or “wrong” way to play, as long as kids are safe, kind and doing their best.

As a teacher I am looking for gains in several developmental areas. I am looking for the passing of developmental milestones. These milestones are in social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. Each center of play in the classroom should foster developmental growth in most of these areas. – Maggie


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