Family Involvement

Thank you for your interest in Lee Owen Stone (LOS) Preschool. Cooperative
preschools are able to provide quality preschool programming at a reduced cost
because of parent participation in the cooperative. As caregivers, we are the
administrators, policy makers, and classroom assistants in the program. This allows
us to be involved in the shaping and support of our children’s preschool experience.
Consequently, a cooperative preschool requires more involvement and more time
from families than other preschool alternatives. Please consider whether LOS
Preschool’s family involvement requirements are a good fit for you. Listed below are
the family involvement requirements for LOS Preschool:

Parent Helping
Families are expected to assist the teacher in the classroom in a full class shift from
8:30 to 12:30 (two day session)/1:15 (three day session) on a monthly basis as

Two day session families parent help 1-2 days per month

Three day session families parent help 2-3 days per month

Board members and single parent families may be able to parent help one day less
per month depending on enrollment and family need.

Families with multiple children have additional options available to fulfill their extra
Parent Helping commitment.


Parent Jobs and Board Positions
Each family is expected to hold a parent job (such as housekeeping, parent help
scheduling) or be a member of the board of directors (such as secretary, treasurer).
Parent jobs generally require about 4 hours of time per month which may include
committee meetings. Board positions may require more time and more meetings.

Meeting Participation
Families are expected to attend business meetings approximately every other
month. Families are encouraged, but not mandated, to attend socials approximately
every other month, with their children, for fun and community building. Board
members attend an additional meeting once per month.

Regardless of the parent job or board position, all families are expected to
participate in fundraising. This includes procuring items for the main fundraising
events, working at the events, promoting the Scrip program and other fundraising

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