Daily Schedule

Classroom Schedule Overview for Parent Helpers
Our parent helper procedures are fairly standard, however they may be
updated periodically to better meet the needs of the LOS teacher, kids and
parents. The two and three day session schedules are different.
This two day schedule applies to Tuesday-Friday classes.

Classroom Open: Teacher Maggie arrives

Parent Helpers Arrive: Set up classrooms. Set up play-yard or play- room
materials (depending on weather).

Sign In: One of the parent helpers positions themselves to assists parents
and kids to sign in, and helps throughout the morning for transitions from
classroom, art room and bathroom as needed.

Free Play and Art : Kids play in classroom or art room. One parent helper
facilitates art activities and stays in art room.

Five Minute Warning to Clean Up: Parent helpers assist kids in winding
down what ever activity they are involved in.

Clean Up Time: Parent helpers assist children, guiding them through
clean up activities.

Story Makers or Music Time: Kids gather at circle area to hear a story or
sing songs. Parent helpers close up sensory play areas, finish clean up,
and clean tables to prepare for snack time.

Bathroom Break: Students line up to leave the room, walk to the bathroom
together and stay in line to wait turns using the toilets and sinks. One adult
assists in the bathroom, another adult stays in the hall to guide children
back to the classroom, and one adult prepares the snack.

Snack Time: Parent helpers assist with serving the snacks.

Library Time: As kids have finished and helped clean up the snacks and dishes, they may pick books from the library to read. Parent helpers may read to small
groups of kids.

Playground Time: Line up for outside or indoor playground (depending on
weather). Adults assist students with coats, helmets, and lineup.

Return to Classroom: Adults guide kids in clean up and assist in line up
and return to classroom.

Circle Time: Calendar Time and Show and Tell. Each day one student gets
to be “Helping Hand of the Day”. One designated parent closes classroom
door at 11:55 so that dismissal will be orderly.

Dismissal: Children are dismissed one at a time to parents. One Parent
helper assists with signing out.

Final Clean Up: Clean up classroom, bathroom, and art room. Prepare
space and materials for the next day. Leave when all children have gone
home or when Teacher Maggie gives the O.K.

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